AEW All Out Fan Fest 2022 Jazwares Walkthrough w/ Magic Olmos; Commentator Playset Coming to Ringside

Ringside Collectibles did a walkthrough with Jazwares’ Magic Olmos, who shared info on the Ringside exclusive Owen Hart and CM Punk figures, as well as the other figures on display.

Among the notes:

  • Unrivaled 12 will feature new head sculpts of FTR and Jon Moxley;
  • Malakai Black Supreme will come with 5 head sculpts, 2 masks, 2 soft goods cloaks;
  • Unmatched 6 Owen Hart will improved a little, with what we saw was an early production sample;
  • Unmatched 6 Brodie Lee in the blue suit is the chase;
  • Unmatched 6 Owen Hart in blue is the chase;
  • Unmatched 6 Malakai Black’s deco will be slightly reduced compared to the Supreme figure. He also comes with a sculpted entrance cloak;
  • Unmatched 6 Santana comes with a fork and baton accessories, plus alternate heads;
  • The commentators playset on display at Fan Fest will be a Ringside exclusive pack, with headsets, monitors, breakaway table, and AEW backdrop.

Watch the video above.

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