Comic Con WWE

No Holds Barred WWE Ultimate 2-Pack SOLD OUT

You get all of this if you order the No Holds Barred 2-pack.

The San Diego Comic-Con exclusive WWE Ultimate Edition No Holds Barred 2-pack is now available via Mattel Creations. UPDATE: The set sold out in under 10 minutes.

Follow this link to order. The price is $70 plus shipping and state taxes.


  1. Guess their checkout process is meant to weed out those with slow internet connections or those who don’t abuse multiple accounts. Had to reload Captcha twice. Like having to give up your place in queue to go thru a screening process, having clerks take stuff outta your cart for those ahead of you, then they call you a chump loser because you have nothing when it’s your turn.

    No wonder my passion for collecting has died, along with my hopes and dreams.


  2. I had everything loaded. And lost it within 3 minutes when it gave me a checkout time. Even made it to the final screen and it was spinning. So pissed I missed it as a Hogan collector but congrats to those that got it.


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