Indi Hartwell Highlights WWE Series 134

The first figure of WWE NXT star Indi Hartwell highlights WWE series 134, which is now available via Ringside Collectibles.

Ringside dropped photos of the set earlier this week, and Indi Wrestling in her The Way gear is the star of the set. I’m not sure I would have shared that sentiment if you told me that there’s a suited Seth Rollins in the set — which there is — but I’m having a hard time feeling this suited Seth with the same head we’ve seen 1,083,918,001 times before.

Also, if you’d have told me that Becky Lynch and Shelton Benjamin would be on backorder, I’d never have believed you. But they are so you’ll have to wait until late August or early September to snag them (unless a damaged package pops up).

Great Liberator Sami Zayn is also in the set, but the figure is nothing compared to the Elite version.

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