Mattel Creations Drops WWE New Generation Arena Unboxing Video, New Photos

The Mattel WWE team released an unboxing video this evening for the crowdfunded WWE Ultimate New Generation Arena, with light-up entrance, scaled wrestling ring and figures of Diesel, Doink The Clown and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The video is not embeddable, but you can watch it if you follow this link.

What the video shows the outer shell of the box and how the set is packed.

Underneath those items are individually packaged Ultimate Edition figures of Diesel and Doink.

And deeper down in the box is the ring.

The sheer size of the entrance stage is impressive — and it now includes the crowd diorama.

If Mattel is giving this much away ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, they must have some pretty amazing stuff planned for later this week.

The arena is expected to ship later this summer to the 8,495 people who backed the project. Of note, Mattel said the early bird pack — Macho Man and the announcer’s set — will ship at the same time as the arena but separately.

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