This Week in Wrestling Figures: MLW Figures On the Way; New Major Pod Super 7s; Amazon Young Bucks, & More

Hammerstone is coming to Boss Fight’s MLW line.

MLW Figures Coming From Boss Fight

Boss Fight Studio will be producing MLW action figures. Not a lot of details out so far, but these will be 1:12 scale figures. There are sketches of Alexander Hammerstone, Jacob Fatu, Mads Krügger and Cesar Duran (Lucha Underground’s Dario Cueto).

Dario! I mean, Cesar!
Jacob Fatu will be screaming!
Mads makes the cut.

Boss Fight makes the Legends of Lucha Libre figure line, which is just a hair out of scale with WWE and AEW figures. Hopefully Boss Fight adjusts to bring these in line with the other lines. Doing so opens up the line to so many other collectors who want these figures integrated into their collections, pic feds, figure photography, etc.

$75 … each

Super 7 Major Pod II Reveals

The second wave of Super 7 Matt Cardona and Brian Myers Major Wrestling Figure Podcast figures is on the way, and they won’t come cheap. Each carry a $75 price tag. Super 7 was already bumping up prices by $10 but $30?

Matt Cardona’s next Super 7 Ultimate figure.
Brian Myers’ next Super 7 Ultimate figure.

Admittedly, there’s a lot of deco on Cardona. And these are premium, made-to-order collector figures. And we’re in an inflationary environment, but this may be a little too pricey for most.

The New Japan Super 7 silence remains deafening.

Who’s ready to go to the moon?

Cameron Grimes RSC Exclusive Carded Images

Ringside Collectibles shared carded images of the upcoming Cameron Grimes exclusive Elite action figure. We already saw the loose figure during WrestleMania weekend.

You’re going to need a couple of these hundies to afford those Super 7s.

Those hundies are going to look good in the Million Dollar Man’s hands.

Wolfpac Hollywood gets delayed.

Wolfpac Hollywood Hogan RSC Exclusive Delayed

Ringside sent an update to those who pre-ordered the Wolfpac Hollywood Hulk Hogan action figure noting that the figure has been delayed until early August.

Flex on … Canadians.

Amazon Exclusive Young Bucks Pop Up on Amazon Canada

The Young Bucks 2-pack floating around the Internet last week popped up on the Canadian version of Amazon. Not sure if it was actually available. But it’s legit, so expect to see it in the States at some point.

PowerTown showed off renders of the “Thesz Belt,” which will be coming with the Lou Thesz action figure in the upcoming wrestling figure line. Not a lot of new news from PowerTown. However…

On this week’s edition of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Matt Cardona hinted that Ted DiBiase may not make it into the PowerTown line due to being under a WWE Legends deal. This would answer more than a few questions of why Mattel is still pumping out Million Dollar Man figures. We’ll have to see if that’s the case.

Chella Toys Update: Uncensored Dynamite Kid, Bone Crushing and More

Figure Collections provided a huge Chella Toys update. Among the notes, the 7-inch Uncensored Dynamite Kid figure will begin shipping from the factories by the end of next week. Sabu is already in production.

As for the Bone Crushing wrestlers: Blue Meanie and Bryan Clark are in development, but the molds are taking more time due to the Bone Crushing action. If that continues to be the case, the feature may be limited to series 1.

Read the update in the Instagram post for more retro news.

Retro Quickies

Rush Collectibles is making a Jonah (aka Bronson Reed) retro., and teasing Cowboy James Storm.

Zombie Sailor Toys is making a retro Johnny Gargano figure in Iron Man inspired attire. ZST showed off protos of Smart Mark Sterling, Paul Roma and Death Match King Matt Cardona this week.

Colt Cabana is coming to the Chella retro line.

In Stock: FigHeel’s Wrestling Figure Checklist Marked Down, Lex Luger Appears, and WWE 133 at RSC

WWE 133 is available now through Ringside.

FigHeel’s Ultimate Wrestling Figure Checklist — the full color paperback version — is now $29.69 ($20 off) on Amazon. Might be time to grab it.

Lex Luger WWE Elite Legends shows up at aTarget store in Philly.

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