This Week in Wrestling Figures: Ruthless Aggression Elites Hit Walmart; Ringside AEW Double or Nothing Q&A; & More

Ruthless Aggression Begins Hitting Walmart Stores

Hey, those Ruthless Aggression figures you pre-ordered from Walmart? Yeah, they’re already hitting brick-and-mortar stores. Will they ever ship from Walmart? Who knows! Mine still says August 20, so still two months out. If you see ’em in stores, buy ’em and cancel those pre-orders.

Ringside Q&A with Jazwares’ AEW Team

Are you a fan of chest hair on your action figures? You might just get it. Jazwares’ AEW team of Gregory Mitchell and Magic Olmos took part in a Q&A with Ringside Collectibles over the event weekend. Although Mitchell and Olmos dodge a lot of questions, they did say chest hair could be added to the figures in the future. Mitchell also liked the idea of a giant poker chip like the one Jon Moxley stood upon during his debut.

ROH figures also seem to be on the table now and there is “a vision there,” Mitchell said.

And there are no plans for a basic line.

AFA Q&A: No Changes to Ultimate 14, Goldberg & HBK Pre-Orders by End of Summer, Scuttled Masters Playset

UE14 is on track.

Mattel WWE marketing director Steve Ozer (aka Action Figure Attack) continues to answer collectors’ questions over at the forum. The latest:

  • There have been no changes to the Ultimate Edition 14 lineup “at this time.” UE14 is Roman Reigns and Jeff Hardy, who is no longer with the company and was recently arrested for another DUI.
  • New figures of Becky Lynch will be coming soon.
  • Pre-orders for Amazon exclusive Ultimate Edition figures of Shawn Michaels and Goldberg will “appear again with proper notification towards the end of summer.”
  • Expect more info on the new Amazon exclusive item coming soon.
  • Retailers’ shift away from plastic packaging won’t affect the Retro line as long as it remains online only.
  • There was “an impressive WWE Masters playset” that would have come out but retailers wouldn’t bite on it.
  • Six waves of Ruthless Aggression figures are planned “plus some surprises.”
  • 2002 nWo versions of Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Hollywood Hogan “are all very likely.”

Ringside Top 10 Gets Major

The Major Pod takes 3 of the top 10 spots.

The Remco-style Major Wrestling Figure Podcast figures topped the Ringside Collectibles top 10 and took three of the top spots. Jake Hager’s AEW Unrivaled 6 figure cracks the list at No. 6, and you can snag that figure for $11.99 (or $8.99 damaged, 10% off code wfigs).

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