This Week in Wrestling Figures: Turnbuckle Tavern Interviews Mattel’s Steve Ozer; Plus, AEW Unrivaled 9, SummerSlam Elite Pics; Danhausen Retro Update

Welcome to This Week in Wrestling Figures , or TWIWF, as Gen Zers call it.

The big news of the week was friend of Wrestling Figure News Nick Storm and the crew at the Turnbuckle Tavern interviewing our mutual buddy, Steve Ozer, Mattel WWE marketing manager, aka Action Figure Attack.

Although they don’t seem to serve beers at the Turnbuckle Tavern, they did offer up some interesting nuggets. So what did we learn? Make sure you watch the video, but here are a few of the newsier items:

  • The Walmart exclusive Ruthless Aggression line will get “at least” six waves and a few more surprises, so stop sending crab emojis to Steve;
  • We almost got an Ultimate multi-pack this year, but it fell through. So let the speculation begin. Plus, Ozer knows we want Seth Rollins, A.J. Styles, and Sasha Banks, but Razor Ramon is high on his list;
  • Mattel is exploring if the Raw is War stage shown during WrestleMania weekend could work for a crowd fund, but it doesn’t sound like it’s next on the list. (SmackDown, cough, cough, fist stage, wink, wink. Make it happen, Mattel!)
  • Mattel improved the butterfly joints on the New Gen Arena Doink and Diesel figures to tighten ’em up and we’ll seem them on other figures going forward;
  • Interchangeable heads are coming to the basic line;
  • We may know the Elite 100 lineup before San Diego Comic-Con;
  • Target exclusive WWE Ultimate nWo “Macho Man” Randy Savage is the fall release, and Batista should be on pegs through the summer. If you’re not seeing him yet, Big Dave might just be stuck in transit;
  • Chainsaw Charlie should be available by the end of the year;
  • Finally, ball jointed waists — like the ones Jazwares use for AEW figures — pose a problem for Mattel because the company would have to scrap a decade of tooling. But never say never.

That last point is something a lot of us are hoping for and one of the best features — if not, the best — of Unrivaled and Unmatched figures.

AEW Unrivaled 9 Photo Drop

Remember when the Jazwares AEW team used to drop reveals on us? Me too. And it’s been too damn long since they’ve done it. C’mon, Jeremy. Give the people what they want and bring these back.

Instead of Jeremy and friends dropping reveals, Ringside casually posted pics of AEW Unrivaled 9 last week. Unrivaled 9 is the first-time-in-the-line wave of Thunder Rosa (plus, 1-of-5,000 chase), Ricky Starks (plus, 1-of-3,000 rare), Eddie Kingston, Will Hobbs, Christian Cage, and Brian Cage. No, they’re not related.

A few notes. Four-out-of-six figures are getting extra heads. Still not sure how I feel about Kingston’s head. Brian Cage needs to be tanner. Kingston and Starks are on pre-order 2 at Ringside (mid-June ship date) and Rosa is backordered until July. A little disheartened to hear Hobbs’ torso likely isn’t big enough, with Jeremy Padawer saying it’ll be updated on future figures. And Upper Deck AEW cards are in each pack, so if you’re not collecting those cards, you can recoup some of your money. Follow this link to order.

WWE Elite SummerSlam Pics Hit

The on-the-verge-of-tears Dominik Mysterio build-a-figure wave of SummerSlam Elite figures were also shown off by Ringside this week. The wave includes I-can’t-believe-I-have-to-job-to-Hulk-Hogan Shawn Michaels; Randy Orton in this attire from beating the Man Who Cannot Not Be Named; custody battle Rey Mysterio (of course); and a PG version of Sensational Sherri, who doesn’t show off the full moon she was on SummerSlam 1992. Hey, I get it. These are toys.

Ringside expects these to hit in mid-June. Follow this link to pre-order.

WWE Top Talent 2023 Pics Shown Off

The WWE Top Talent Elite wave for 2023 is looking sharp, with an updated version of AWA John Cena, Batman Rey Mysterio, repainted Randy Orton and re-released Drew McIntyre.

The set should drop by the end of this month. Follow this link to order.

nWo Wolfpac Hollywood Hogan on Backorder

FYI: Ringside exclusive nWo Wolfpac “Hollywood” Hogan is backordered until mid-July.

Zombie Sailor Danhausen Coming in Q2

Zombie Sailor Toys reiterated that the Danhausen retro-style figure is expected to hit in Q2 (April-June), in a recent Twitter post. So stop emailing ZST.

Well, April is out and I’d bet June is. a safer bet. But hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.

Also, heed Danhausen’s warning … or be cursed.

Boss Fight Shows Off Carded Lucha Libre Basic Series 1

Did you forget about Boss Fight Studio’s Legends of Lucha Libre line? Yeah, I don’t blame you. News has been in short supply on the line but the first wave of “basic-style” figures, Fanaticos, is almost ready to ship from China. Masked Republic offered some carded images of the wave, that includes Penta El Zero M, Rey Fenix, Taya Valkyrie and Juventud Guerrera.

Although pre-orders are over, more will be for sale once they hit the U.S.

In-Stock at Ringside

WWE Basic Series 130 and 131 are in-stock at Ringside.

WWE Elite Zodiac from the Dungeon of Doom is in-stock at Ringside.

Amazon exclusive Triple H went in-stock for a brief time last week. It’s out of stock now, but here’s the link to bookmark.


If you want to be surprised about WWE Ultimate wave 15 and E97, turn away now. Rumored lineups leaked over the weekend. Havocfigs shared the pre-order lineups on Outrun Collectibles, a Canadian retailer.

So turn around now or be spoiled.

OK, Ultimate 15 includes the Ultimate Warrior and Brock Lesnar.

Elite 97 features: Omos, Alexa Bliss, Ronda Rousey, Xavier Woods, Sheamus, and Chainsaw Charlies. Hey! There he is.

Outrun also has a listing for Basic Series 135, which includes Reggie, Bron Breaker, Nikki A.S.H., Damian Priest and Brock Lesnar.

So maybe there will be a ponytail Brock head for those who don’t want to dump a lot of cash on an Elite or Ultimate.

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