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This Week in Wrestling Figures: Amazon WWE Ultimates Update; DDP, Eddie Guerrero Chella Retros; ZST Retros On the Way

It’s going to be a Heartbreak Kid kinda summer.

Welcome to This Week in Wrestling Figures, a run down of the biggest wrestling action figure news of the week.

WWE Ultimate Edition Shawn Michaels to Hit This Summer; Goldberg Will be the Last Fan Takeover

Pre-orders for the WWE Ultimate Edition Shawn Michaels Amazon exclusive Fan Takeover figure will “most likely” take place this summer, Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer shared in his rolling Q&A. However, international orders could take place much sooner. A listing for Michaels popped up on Amazon Australia and possibly other sites.

So long, Fan Takeover exclusives ….

Meanwhile, the Bill Goldberg Ultimate Fan Takeover figure will be the last Fan Takeover figure “for awhile,” as Mattel will “move on to different exclusive executions for Amazon after he is released.”

Batista, we will find you ….

Don’t Panic On Batista

If you haven’t been able to snag the Ultimate Edition Batista Target exclusive yet, don’t panic. More are likely on the way. Ozer wrote that the figure is not limited and expected to be on the big box retailer’s planogram through summer.

Speaking of big box retailers, a Walmart Ultimate Edition wave is possible, Ozer added.

Ultimate Multipacks ‘Inevitable’

Asked if Ultimate 2-, 3- or even 4-packs were possible, Ozer called them “inevitable.” In another post, he called Hart Foundation Ultimates “needed.”

Jeff, maybe skip a chest workout or two?

New Ultimate Torsos in the Works

Asked if Mattel could be reworking torsos that look big on some figures (we’re looking at you, Jeff Hardy), Ozer said Mattel is “always looking to tweak and improve” and “some new Ultimate torsos are in the works.”

Chella Teases Eddie Guerrero, DDP Retros

WCW era Retro figures of Eddie Guerrero and Diamond Dallas Page will be coming from Chella Toys in the Wrestling Megastars line as Wrestling Trader exclusives.

Wrestling Trader also showed off some upcoming prototypes, including Demolition and Al Snow with Head, as well as hand-painted prototypes of Andre the Giant, Rhythm and Blues Greg Valentine and Giant Haystacks.

Additionally, Wrestling Trader revealed renders of the Killer Bees — B. Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell, via the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast.

Chella really is plugging a lot of holes in collections.

Zombie Sailor Retros Shipping

The first wave of retro figures from Zombie Sailor Toys’ “Heels and Faces” line have left the overseas factory and are headed to the U.S. Once they hit the U.S., they’ll ship out to those who pre-ordered them. According to ZST, will go up for pre-order once those ship and will have a much shorter turnaround time.

Meanwhile, production of Jeff Jarrett is nearly finished and will ship after, with Danhausen following.

Stand back, there’s a clearance sale coming through.

In Stores: Target Clearancing Legends 13, Legends 14 Hits

Target is putting WWE Legends 13 on clearance in-store with prices varying. I’ve seen “Cowboy” Bob Orton for $10.99, Jake “The Snake” Roberts for $7.99, Hurricane for around $15, and Triple H for around $18. Those prices aren’t reflected on the app.

As those go on clearance, WWE Legends 14 — Edge, Road Dogg, Chyna and “Mean” Mark Callous — are hitting Target stores ($199.99 each).

Amazon Ultimate Edition Ultimate Warrior ($32.99) is still in stock. Don’t sleep on this one.

WWE Superstars Ric Flair is in stock at Walmart ($19.99).

BSK Undertaker with WCW Tag Team Championship is shipping now from Ringside Collectibles ($27.99).

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