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New Wrestling Figure Line Power Town Renders: Stan Hansen, Kerry Von Erich, Ted DiBiase, Lou Thesz, Verne Gagne, Magnum TA

A new wrestling action figure line is on the way from the team that brought you the AWA Remco wrestling line of the 1980s.

Power Town will launch as a Kickstarter with a first series of wrestlers including Kerry Von Erich, Ted DiBiase, Stan Hansen, Lou Thesz, Verne Gagne, and Magnum TA, according to Slam Wrestling.

The men behind the wrestling line are Steve Rosenthal and Greg Gagne, who put together the AWA wrestling line with Remco. According to Slam’s reporting, Rosenthal and Gagne are promising 150 wrestlers in their line, including “Cowboy” Bobby Duncum, Duane Duncum, and Bobby Duncum Jr., as well as Jacques Rougeau and the Rougeau family (Eddy Auger, Johnny, Jacques Sr., Raymond, Armand, Jean-Jacques, Cédric and Emile).

Renders of the figures were revealed but key details of the line were still unknown, including whether the action figures will be in-scale with Mattel and Jazwares figures. Eyeballing the renders, it looks like the figure bodies were largely reused, so it’s possible they will be in the same scale as the Remco figures of the past. Of course, these are just renders so it’s hard to know what the final product will look like.

Details of the Kickstarter weren’t shared, but if it’s contingent upon the Kickstarter succeeding, there are no guarantees this line ever makes it into production.

Here’s a look at the renders of the first six figures.


  1. For these to be worth collecting for me, I would need to know that they’re in scale with Mattel and Jazwares figures. Seems like a major oversight if they weren’t. If Mattel’s line has shown us anything, it’s that collectors will buy the same wrestler again and again as long as it has a different look and that the figure is in the correct scale. Sketchy toymakers who get a license and then make it out of scale because they think they can trick/force collectors into committing to a new line just end up alienating the people who will throw the most money at the same figures again and again. The other thing would be articulation. Double jointed knees and elbows would be ideal but definitely need at the very least ball joint legs at the thighs. If these end up having WWE Basic line articulation, it’s a no go for me.


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