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Chella Toys Reveals 6-Inch Sabu Prototype

Chella Toys offered a first-look at the hand-painted prototype of the upcoming 6-inch Sabu action figure today. The figure, which will be in Chellas’ Uncensored line, will be in-scale with Mattel WWE and Jazwares AEW action figures.

No pre-order date yet. Here are more details from Chella:

“Sabu comes with a removable headdress and swappable hands. Sabu’s new torso articulation includes butterfly style shoulder joints, a lower abdomen crunch and a upper torso joint. The sash around Sabu’s waist is covering the ab crunch, but the sash is made out of a very flexible plastic which will not hinder the ab crunch movement.”

Chella added that it will aim to fill holes in collectors’ 6- and 7-inch action figure collections. That starts with the Dynamite Kid, which the company already went through pre-orders on last year. Last week, Chella offered an update on that figure’s progress: “Uncensored Dynamite kid is almost complete and we will have some pictures and updates very soon via our website.”

More to come.

Photos by Action Figure Cellar.

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