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WWE Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena Crowd Sourcing Campaign Begins

The first Mattel WWE crowd sourcing campaign is officially live.

If 5,000 backers commit to spend $250 each on the project, those collectors will receive the Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena set, which includes the iconic mid-1990s neon entrance way, Ultimate Edition Diesel action figure and scaled wrestling ring, with a host of details from the plans under the mat, cloth turnbuckles, and structure. The campaign lasts through August 22, 2021.

Click here to back the project.

However, that’s not all. Mattel revealed today that additional goodies can be unlocked by reaching certain tiers.

If 7,000 backers commit to the project, an Ultimate Edition Doink the Clown action figure will be added to the project, with three heads, an oversized mallet and extra hands

If 8,000 backers commit, additional ring skirts will be added to the project.

The set would ship in summer 2022. Backers will be charged when they commit to the project. Should the project fail, they will be refunded.

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