Comic Con WWE

Sgt. Slaughter Ultimate Edition is the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive; On Sale July 22

Sgt. Slaughter in Ultimate Edition form is the 2021 San Diego Comic Con exclusive. The figure will go on sale at starting at noon ET on Thursday, July 22.

The figure resembles the Hasbro LJN-style 8-inch Slaughter figure from the 1980s. Not only does Slaughter come on a blue card similar to the LJN WWF line but also a “black card” variant, which will ship at random to lucky collectors, according to Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer.

Slaughter comes with multiple heads and hands, a cloth camo jacket, ridding crop, hat, sunglasses, whistle and belt.

Both cards are absolutely beautiful and evoke the 1980s nostalgia of playing with the 8-inch LJNs.

Suggested price is $35.

Slaughter is just the beginning of several Mattel Creations WWE products over the next 12 days.

Full gallery here.


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