Mattel Creations Teases WWE Products; Lead Designer References Elites, Ultimates

The Mattel Creations is relaunching and that may be good news for collectors of WWE Elite and Ultimate action figures.

Mattel made the above announcement in a June 30 email. In regards to WWE, the company promised “new, ultra-collectible product offerings” from the world’s largest wrestling organization, as well as Masters of the Universe, Matchbox and more.

The company also promised “unmatched access to our most popular brands and products.” If that helps solve some of the distribution problems that collectors have experienced, good. Too often we’ve come across empty pegs.

Mattel WWE senior designer Bill Miekina wrote on Instagram: “As  announced today, there will be WWE products announced later this month for the Mattel Creations site. I cannot provide further information on it yet, other than to say If you are a fan of the Elite or Ultimate lines I cannot see you not being happy with it….”

Mattel WWE senior copywriter Robert Rudman adde: “Big news for both @wwe and @masters collectors. @mattelcreations is about to hit HUGE with both brands.”

The first and only WWE offering on Mattel Creations was last year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive Mr. T action figure. With Comic Con around the corner, we’re expecting more are on the way.

Hopefully Mattel Creations is the gateway to not only premium figures but long-desired obscurities, such as the Gobbledy Gooker, and Retro-style figures for hardcore collectors.

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