AEW Pre-Orders

AEW Unrivaled 1B Available for Pre-Order at Ringside Collectibles

If you want AEW Unrivaled Series 1 with updated skin tones (Wave 1B), then you better order them now.

As promised by Jazwares partner Jeremey Padawer, the first wave of figures with corrected skin tones is now available for pre-order from Ringside Collectibles. Why the urgency though? Padawer has said these figures won’t make it to brick-and-mortar retailers and will only be sold online in the U.S. via Jazwares’ “exclusive launch partners.” That limits the variant wave to Ringside and Walmart.

The wave went up for pre-order yesterday and they’ve already cycled a few pre-orders.

The set of six is available for $162.99 (10% off with code wfigs), with an early July ship date.

Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson and Chris Jericho sell individually for $26.99. Cody is still on pre-order 1, with an early June ship date. Omega and Jericho are on pre-order 2 and ship in mid-June. The Young Bucks are on pre-order 4 with an early July shipping date.

Brandi Rhodes retails for $29.99, with a late June ship date.

Good on Jazwares for keeping its word. The wave though doesn’t look perfect though from the photos on Ringside (and that could just be the photos and they look better in hand).

Omega is still a far cry from the hand-painted prototype (well, duh but still) first shown when the figures were first unveiled. Never forget? Or leave the memories alone?

The Bucks are a major improvement.

Jericho’s torso appears to be two different shades.

Cody’s skin tone appears to vary from figure to figure, as My Damn Toys has pointed out.

The difference in Brandi isn’t super noticeable.

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