Pre-Orders WWE

WWE Royal Rumble Pre-Orders Delayed by Amazon

About those WWE Royal Rumble pre-orders on … yep, they’re delayed.

The figures — Titus O’Neil, Umaga, the Ultimate Warrior, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin — were expected to arrive earlier this week. But they didn’t ship. Then came the e-mails to approve a delay, which sure, why not.

The next estimated ship date was somewhere between May 17 and June 20, until earlier this morning. Today came another update, with an estimated ship date of May 17. So the figures are looking like they’ll arrive on the early side of that date range.

This set has taken a circuitous route to collectors, first appearing in limited quantities in Target stores, then available from Wrestling Shop UK, then showing up on Ringside (the set is available now for pre-order for $104.99, shipping later this month) and finally up for pre-order on Amazon.

Even with a winding route to collectors, at least they’re getting to them eventually.

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