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Storm Collectibles Teases Jyushin Liger Debut Figure

Storm Collectibles is going to dig into the archives of Jyushin Liger for upcoming figures of the Japanese wrestling legend.

Storm today showed off an image of Liger in his debut attire from 1989, with a mask more resembling a samurai.

Storm has produced several incarnations of Liger, from his iconic attire to his look from his final years (available for $54.99 from Ringside Collectibles). Storm has also released a blue, as well as a black and gold attire, which is available for $57.99 at Ringside Collectibles.

Storm, per usual, is paying attention to the little details. 

Here’s a look at what the full body suit will likely resemble.

I love that Storm is willing to dive deeper into the archives for Liger. Although this look isn’t a must-get for me, I’m sure it’ll scratch the itch for a lot of other collectors and New Japan fans.

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