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Dynamite Kid, Dino Bravo Retros Coming From Chella Toys, Zombie Sailor

Two of the most wanted 1980s era wrestling stars will finally be getting Hasbro-style retro action figures. Dynamite Kid and Dino Bravo — two omissions from the WWF Hasbro line of the early 1990s — will receive the Retro treatment.

Chella Toys unveiled concept artwork for an upcoming Dynamite Kid Retro figure that will be “coming soon.” Chella is the company behind the Nick Aldis, Blue Meanie and Ethan Page Retro figures.

Meanwhile, Zombie Sailor Toys has added Dino Bravo to the Ron Rudat-designed Retro line of figures that will include Bruiser Brody, Sabu, Danhausen and the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast crew. Rudat is the original WWF Hasbro designer.

Bravo is expected to be available by the end of the year.

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