Retro Roundup: Zombie Sailor Major Pod Figures, Danhausen, Bruiser Brody, Sabu and More


The appetite for more Retro figures remains strong among collectors, and more of the Hasbro-style figures are in the works.

The cast of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast — Matt Cardona, Brian Myers and Mark Sterling — are each getting Retro-style figures via Zombie Sailor Toys. The Major Figure Pod has shown off unpainted prototypes but the Retros don’t stop there.

Zombie Sailor recently revealed blueprints of the upcoming figures, drawn by Ron Rudat, the original designer of the WWF Hasbro line.

Among the reveals: Ring of Honor’s very nice, very evil Danhausen; ECW original Sabu; and the iconic Bruiser Brody. Those figures are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2021, with pre-orders set to begin in a few months.

Expect a lot of detail to be put into the line. Danhausen will come with “a detailed cloth cape and a jar of teeth,” of course.

Zombie Sailor Toys is promising that the line of figures will be “a love letter to all vintage wrestling fans, especially those that are passionate for ’90s toys.”

In other Retro news, Chella Toys has begun pre-orders for an Ethan Page figure. The Page figure will be limited to 500 pieces. The figure is expected to ship in December 2021. International customers can click here to pre-order. In the U.S. the figure is available for $24.99 plus shipping through JB Toys.

Chella Toys previously released Retro-style figures of Nick Aldis and the Blue Meanie.

Finally, the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast showed off a hand-painted prototype of “Switchblade” Jay White from Nerds Clothing.

If these are successful, expect to see more Retro figures in the future. Unfortunately, WWE Retro figures seems like a far off opportunity at this point. Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer was recently asked if the possibility of Hollywood Hulk Hogan joining the line would help jumpstart a relaunch of the Retro line.

“He definitely adds another great talent option but it wouldn’t change the scenarios needed to re-launch the line,” Ozer wrote.


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