MJF: Another Look at the Upcoming AEW Unrivaled Action Figure

Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer offered another look at the upcoming AEW Unrivaled Series 2 MJF action figure. Padawer posted the image early this morning to Instagram.

“We received numerous requests this weekend to get a better look at the deco and sculpt on @the_mjf – hope this answers those questions,” he wrote.

Jazwares and MJF revealed a look at the figure on Friday.  MJF is also the chase figure in the wave.

Jazwares head of boys marketing manager Gregory Mitchell also confirmed that the chase MJF figure will also come with the Burberry scarf accessory. Magic Olmos, the senior designer for the AEW line, also confirmed that the chase version of the MJF will come exclusively with the Dynamite Diamond ring accessory.

MJF is among the most desired figures in Series 2, which also includes Pentagon, Rey Fenix, Jon Moxley, “Hangman” Adam Page, and Dustin Rhodes.

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