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Rumor Roundup: Royal Rumble Elites; WrestleMania 12 Warrior; Elite 83, 84 & 85 Lineups

Karrion Kross (via

Welcome to Wrestling Figure News’ first Rumor Roundup. Keep in mind that rumors are just that — rumors. Also, lineups — like WWE booking — are subject to change.

With those disclaimers out of the way, turn away now if you like surprises and don’t want to see potential spoilers.

Here we go.

The lineup for the next Elite Royal Rumble series may have leaked through a German toy website.

According to that site, the next wave of Elite Royal Rumble figures features the Ultimate Warrior, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Umaga and Titus O’Neil.

Instagram user Unstable1047 first posted the lineup, and offered some ideas on which attires might be featured.

Speaking of upcoming Ultimate Warrior figures, Instagram user Showcase Collector — who has a history of getting leaks — posted that the Ultimate Warrior in his WrestleMania 12 attire, with an updated head sculpt, would be coming to the Elite lineup.

Unstable1047 also released what he said are the lineups for WWE Elite Series 83, 84 and 85.

In Elite 83, it’s already known that Sasha Banks and King Corbin will be in the wave.

According to Unstable1047, the rest of the wave includes WWE World Champion Drew McIntrye, Edge, Velveteen Dream, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and a Collectors’ Edition figure of Michael “P.S.” Hayes.

The first Elite figures of Rhea Ripley, Kushida and Angel Garza were already expected for WWE Elite 84.

The rest of the lineup, according to Unstable1047, includes The Fiend, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus and a Collectors’ Edition figure of Zelina Vega.

Up until now, there have been no indications of who would be in the Elite 85 wave.

Unstable1047 said the lineup will include first-time-in-the-line figures of Karrion Kross and Santos Escobar, as well as Roman Reigns, Aleister Black, Bray Wyatt and Liv Morgan.


Many of those lineup are backed up by pre-orders posted to

For a look at confirmed lineups so far, WWE Retro Stars does a fantastic job of tracking non-leaked lineups. Here’s a look a the latest schedule grid.


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