‘Unreleased’ WWE Elite Randy Orton, AJ Styles and Rusev Figures Emerge

A handful of Mattel WWE Elite holy grail wrestling figures recently popped up on eBay.

The three figures — Elites of Randy Orton, AJ Styles and Rusev –are believed to be unreleased action figures from likely canceled action figure waves.

Instagram user Figured_Photography recently offered the Elite Randy Orton in his bright red WrestleMania 31 attire and AJ Styles figures for sale in eBay auctions.

The description for the Orton figure read: “Legitimately only one in the world. This is legit as it gets. No decals were used, no paint, completely factory made. I tried to get as many angles as possible to show its authenticity.”

Meanwhile, the auction for Styles read: “This is the real deal. Genuinely only one in the world. None of these have ever popped up before. Amazing collection grail piece. This is not a custom, no decal work, nothing. Once you hold in hand and look closely you can tell how this is actually manufactured and legit.”

What made Figured_Photography confident that these figures are legit?

“You can mainly tell by the base color of the trunks and how it is the real deal, as well as when you look at the logos you can see it’s real and do the scratch off test to see if it’ll come off to see if it was decals and nothing,” he told Wrestling Figure News.

Although the auction for Orton ended at $405, Wrestling Figure News has learned that the eBay buyer never paid and Figured_Photography ended up selling the figure offline to another collector, Anonymous_Figurecollector.

Anonymous_Figurecollector had already purchased what he believed to be an unreleased Elite Rusev (aka Miro) in his SummerSlam 2015 attire on eBay from the same seller who originally listed the Orton and Styles figures.

“Once I received the Rusev, I knew it was legit,” Anonymous_Figurecollector told Wrestling Figure News. “There were no paint streaks and the lines were incredibly clean. I looked at the feet and there was some markings on it that were unfortunately smeared off and there was also no serial number on the figure like there is on all the figs.”

Having the Rusev in hand, Anonymous_Figurecollector was confident that the Orton figure was also legit, since all three figures were sold by the same eBay seller (Rusev, Orton, Styles).

“I make customs and have both done hand painted and decals to make figures and the logos on the trunks are way too perfect to be a custom,” Anonymous_Figurecollector told Wrestling Figure News. “If decals were used there would be an outline or wrinkles in the decals. Also for the Randy Orton, no other figure has that color of trunks that shade and brightness and it’s molded throughout.”


Anonymous_Figurecollector added that he cut a deal for the figure at a slight discount from the eBay sale price.

“I almost said no to buying it, but I thought about it, and I thought about it and I was thinking it’s a one of a kind piece,” he said. “One  in the world that’s ever been seen, and I wanted something in my collection that nobody else had. Something to make my collection different from everyone’s else.”

So where would these figures fit within the Elite line? With the Orton and Rusev figures based on attires from WrestleMania 31 and SummerSlam in 2015, the figures likely would have been released in 2016. They could have been a part of canceled build-a-figure or store exclusive waves.

According to Figured_Photography, Styles was likely earmarked for a 3-pack with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

If you have more details on the origins of these figures, please reach out to me on Instagram. @WrestlingDelorean85.

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