Lucha Libre

Boss Fight Studio Shares More Details of Forthcoming Legends of Lucha Libre Penta Zero M and Fenix Figures


Boss Fight Studio partner and art director Erik Araña showed off more of the factory samples of the first two Legends of Lucha Libre action figures — Penta Zero M (Pentagon) and Rey Fenix — in the premium line.

Araña said the sample figures have “very few” issues, which should help the production process advance. He said the next step is to make some minor corrections to the figures, tightening up their arms, and then the deco process will begin.

Of note, Penta Zero M will come with a ripped up alternative mask for bloody fig fed battles. Under the mask will be makeup, Araña said. And, of course, the figure also comes with the “Cero Miedo” hands.

In addition to the figures, Araña shared a look at the weapons packs that Boss Fight has also put together. Watch the video above for more information, including a look at these figures’ articulation.

Pre-orders of the figures were slated to ship in July but have been delayed until the fall.

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