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WWE Fan Takeover Elite Winners Announced: Adam Cole, Seth Rollins, Shayna Baszler, Ricky the Dragon

The winners of the WWE Fan Takeover voting were revealed as part of the Mattel WWE panel on Thursday. The first round of the Walmart exclusive series will feature Adam Cole, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat,” Shayna Baszler and Seth Rollins.

Fans chose Adam Cole in his black and gold Undisputed Era gear, which is a disappointing result for many collectors who were hoping to get a Cole in matching NXT Takeover War Games camouflage trunks to the Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish figures.

Seth Rollins in WrestleMania 35 beast slaying attire from his victory over Brock Lesnar. Other options included the 2019 Chicago Bulls-inspired red and black gear, and his Thanos-inspired gear with Infinity Gauntlet boot.

Baszler in her silver and black attire. Here’s a look at the other options, including Baszler’s red NXT Takeover Toronto gear.

Mattel will also re-release Steamboat in his WrestleMania III white gear that he wore when he won the Intercontinental Championship from “Macho Man” Randy Savage. That figure was part of the Flashback Series 3 wave that ran into major distribution issues. Other options included Steamboat’s WrestleMania 25 gear from his match with Chris Jericho and his Starrcade 1993 gear from his battle with Steven Regal.

Mattel also announced the winners of the second wave, including nWo X-pac, Johnny Gargano in his Wolverine-inspired Takeover Toronto attire, Christian with the Flip the Switch shirt and a 2004 Evolution Randy Orton.


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