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Major Wrestling Figure STOMP in Paradise Figures, Micro Brawlers, New Ringside Exclusives Coming Soon

Matt Cardona (aka Zack Ryder) and Brian Myers (aka Curt Hawkins) announced today plans for a S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise 2-pack, as well as several other new figures, including limited to 150 Micro Brawlers.

Cardona said the 1:12 scale S.T.O.M.P. figures will be similar to current 6-inch wrestling action figures but not with the same articulation.

Additionally, Cardona and Myers revealed several Remco-style figures featuring their real faces, as well as masked alternatives, that will be available at Ringside Collectibles.

Among those 2-packs are Chicago Bulls-inspired gear and the “Thousand Dollar Broski” and “Bare Minimum Brian” figures.

Cardona and Myers will also be featured in their gear from when they won the WWE Rag Tag Team Championships.

The two will also be releasing a “Smart” Mark Sterling figure in Remco-style, as well as a referee that most definitely, probably is WWE ref John Cone.

Finally, a limited to 150 4-pack of Micro Brawlers featuring Cardona, Myers, Sterling and “naked” Hornswoggle will be coming to Pro Wrestling Tees.

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