Yellow Strap Classic WWE Intercontinental Championship Coming to the Elite Line?

Action Figure Attack (AFA) has vowed to make the yellow strap Intercontinental Championship title belt a reality. Steve Ozer, Mattel’s associate manager for global brand marketing for the WWE toy line, who is known in the figure community as Action Figure Attack, wrote in his rolling Q&A thread on the WrestlingFigs.com message board that he “WILL make the yellow IC title happen.”

Of course, nothing is set in stone. But maybe that declaration foreshadows a coming reveal this week during Thursday afternoon’s WWE Mattel reveals during Comic-Con. The yellow strap IC title is known most for the Ultimate Warrior wearing it in the lead up to his WrestleMania 6 win over Hulk Hogan.

A few other noteworthy items from the Q&A:

On the Ultimate Edition “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan” …

  • A finished “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan won’t be shown at Comic-Con. “He’s not quite ready yet,” Ozer wrote. “If the actual traditional SDCC would have been held we would have 3D printed one and painted it up to display but that obviously isn’t happening now.”

On Collector’s Edition figures …

  • “Every Elite wave in 2021 will have a Collector’s Edition figure.”
  • Only Elite 76 will not feature a Collectors Edition figure.
  • “Classy” Freddie Blassie is still a Walmart exclusive in Elite 77.

On the Sting Legends figure being slotted into a future wave …

If Mattel gains access to Sting again, the planned and then delayed Legends figure’s release depends on if the team shuffles lineups to move Sting into the lineup faster or slats him into the next available empty slow. “If we want this out earlier, whatever he replaces gets delayed.”

On nameplates for WWE Championship belts …

  • Asked if nameplates could be possible on the World Championship or “Spinner” Titles, Ozer wrote that it could be “possible if it’s deco only but I’d have to defer to Design on whether or not it’s actually feasible.”

On Charlie Haas or the World’s Greatest Tag Team getting flashbacks …

  • Ozer wrote that it’s “not likely at the moment.”

On Elite 2-packs …

  • They will continue on after the Bret Hart/Goldberg 2-pack.

On adjusting the height of Ricochet Elite figures …

  • Can’t say for sure. I’ve discussed it with design though.

On getting a WCW version of the “Big Gold Belt” …

  • At this time the Big Gold title without the WWE logo isn’t likely.

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