Figure Photography

Figure Photography Highlights: SLS Animations, Bud Light Here, Figure Kingdom, Vtrigger Figs and Fig Photos 8

Each week, the Wrestling DeLorean will spotlight some of our favorite photos from the talented folks in the wrestling figure photography community. Here’s our favorite five of the week — and make sure you give each of them a like and a follow:

The uber-talented SLS_Animations recreated the VHS jacket from the first WrestleMania, featuring the San Diego Comic-Con Mr. T figure and the Hulk Hogan Defining Moments Elite.

One of the best there is, Bud_LightHere goes back to the 1992 Great American Bash when Vader defeated Sting for the WCW World Championship.

Figure Kingdom puts the new WWE Mattel Slambulance vehicle to good use with this recreation of John Cena vs. Ryback ambulance match from Payback 2013.

Goldust and Marlena get their close up, thanks to Vtrigger Figs.

Finally, Fig_photos8 goes back to WrestleMania 32 and shows off Shane McMahon taking the big leap off of Hell in a Cell onto the Undertaker.

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