Podcast: A Final Word on the WCW Nitro Stage Crowdfund, Plus the Latest News

After a post-Nitro Stage hangover, the Wrestling Figure News Podcast returns with a recap of the sad ending to the WCW Nitro Stage crowdfunder and the latest wrestling news headlines, including the delay of a much-anticipated Ultimate Edition wave, the arrival of a much-anticipated Walmart exclusive AEW figure, a big retail sale and the latest from PowerTown. It’s a fast, 13-minute listen.

Listen to the episode on Spotify and Apple iTunes. Please, like, rate and review if you enjoy the show.

Music: “Hackers” by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

1 comment

  1. There’s already A 1/10th scale Nitro stage in the works for $200 from A 4th party..
    > Yup, $200 !!! Its not crowd funded, just A small (non-Billion dollar) company that’s going to make them- “How many want one” ?? If this comes to fruition for $200 dollars & its not made of low grade materials, WHAT DOES ALL THIS SAY ABOUT CORPORATE GREED ……..


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