Eddie Guerrero Monday Night Wars Ultimate Coming; Plus, Scott Hall Nitro Invasion Figure Updated

The latest edition of the Turnbuckle Tavern’s Fig Night featuring Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer included a couple of newsy nuggets.

The first: The second wave of the Walmart exclusive Monday Night Wars Ultimate Edition figures will include a WCW Nitro era Eddie Guerrero figure with an attire similar to his iconic 1997 Halloween Havoc match with Rey Mysterio. Ozer was careful to say that the attire will be sourced from an edition of Nitro but will be similar to Guerrero’s look from this nearly five-star classic.

Also, Ozer confirmed that the Monday Night Wars Scott Hall figure will be tweaked to feature his blue jeans tucked into his combat boots. Ozer showed off a prototype of the figure, which will use the lower legs of the upcoming build-a-figure of blue jeans British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. Ozer mentioned that it might be slightly shorter than typical Hall figures.

Both figures are likely 2024 releases. This is just another example of the Mattel WWE team trying to give collectors what they want.


  1. Couple things –
    First, I’m glad they heard the fans and collectors and are tweaking the Hall figure to tuck in his jeans. I can tolerate a slightly smaller Hall, because fixing the feet should be easier from the tucked in position. I hope they keep the thicker arms like the gray prototype has, because the smaller arms are really bad for Hall.

    Secondly, I’m not thrilled it’s Walmart, they have time and again proven they aren’t great with their pre-orders and even just stocking their stores in general. Here’s hoping this gets fulfilled, because both figures sound great.

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