Heels and Faces

Brian Pillman Heels and Faces Prototype Revealed

Zombie Sailor Toys revealed the hand-painted prototype for the upcoming Pillman figure in the first wave of 6-inch Heels and Faces line.

Pillman joins Jeff Jarrett in the lineup, which is slated to hit in winter 2023.

Here’s what we know: Pillman comes with his can, a removable vest, a gun accessory (because he doesn’t call 9-1-1), sunglasses and three alternate heads.

The official word from ZST:

“Time to break the internet. Here is our hand painted officially licensed BRIAN F’N PILLMAN action figure that’s part of our upcoming HEELS and FACES®️ modern scale action figure line

“This will be the most premium wrestling figure line on the market. Expertly sculpted, professionally painted. Featuring a ton of accessories, many points of articulation and multiple head sculpts 😱

This is our actual prototype, not a 3D render like many are doing.

“Brian Pillman joins Jeff Jarrett and 2 other HUGE stars in the Heels and Faces 6” figure line

“Designed to be in scale with many modern action figures.”

Buckle up. Two more names to be announced in this wave. Can’t wait to see who else is in the line.


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