WCW Nitro Stage Crowdfund Update: Hulk Hogan Early Bird Backer Goal Missed

The early backer deadline passed without hitting the 5,000 mark needed to unlock the Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan figure that would have come with the WCW Monday Nitro stage crowdfunding project.

As of Saturday morning, the project is 39% funded (1,999 backers) with 27 days to go. Now, the project is down to a possible four Ultimate Edition figures: Rey Mysterio (5,000), Diamond Dallas Page (7,000), Scott Steiner (9,000), and the Ultimate Warrior (11,000).

During a livestream of the A Toy Kinda Mood show last night, Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer said the early bird Hogan is likely done as if the company went back on its word, it would be meaningless for future projects. However, Ozer did say the missed deadline was fresh and the company would meet about it next week.

We’ll see if Mattel reverses course and tries to juice the project with a month to go.

Follow this link to back the project.

Also of note, Ozer showed off a modified version of the stage that could fit on standard shelves. This just shows how customizable the stage can be, for those with space constraints.


  1. If I understood correctly, if they had reached 5000 backers by April 7, EVERYONE would have got the Hogan figure. I think it would have been a better idea if ONLY the early backers got the Hogan figure. Why reward everyone? The prospect of a limited edition (perhaps less than 5,000) Hogan figure would have probably encouraged more than the roughly 2,000 early backers they did get.


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