WWE Crowdfund Speculation: Could the Next Project Be a 2-in-1 Raw Is War & Nitro Stage?

A few days removed from the announcement that the next Mattel WWE crowdfund would highlight the Monday Night Wars, maybe not everything is what they seem to be.

Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer’s tease of the next project included a graphic of the WCW Monday Nitro entrance and logo. However, Ozer never specifically mentioned WCW. “We’re taking you back to the Monday Night Wars,” he wrote.

This has led many people the WCW Nitro logo was a red herring and believe we could be getting a two-in-one WCW Monday Nitro and WWE Raw is War stage. This seems like the most likely outcome, as we’ve seen both and as many have pointed out, they use a lot of the same features.

The Monday Night Wars era follows the New Generation, so there seems to be a chronological order to things. Plus, Mattel took a year off between WWE crowdfunds. Would they really just do one of the stages and kick the other down the road? I don’t think so. Plus, those who want one of each could/will buy two.

So I believe there’s a lot of credence to the two-in-one theory. If this is true, it’s a slam dunk.

In other news, WrestleVotes claims the project is the Nitro entrance with an Elite Diamond Dallas Page.

I believe WrestleVotes is close: We could see a DDP in jeans Ultimate. I’d be shocked if the figures with this aren’t Ultimates.

My guess: I’d be surprised if an early bird isn’t a WCW announcer’s desk area with Eric Bischoff Ultimate. Or maybe we could get an Undertaker symbol and Paul Bearer as an unlockable tier?

The list of names we could see with the project is very, very long given this is a Monday Night Wars project. Hollywood Hulk Hogan, the Outsiders (maybe Scott Hall in his “you want a war” Canadian tuxedo), Scott Steiner, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Ric Flair, etc.

The possibilities are endless and we should know more this week.

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