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Impact Wrestling Figure Pre-Orders Set to Begin; Open for 1 Month

Pre-orders for the first series of Impact Wrestling action figures are set to begin on Friday, March 17, according to the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast.

The pre-order will include Eddie Edwards (Hard to Kill 2021), Deonna Purrazzo (Slammiversary 2020), Moose (Bound for Glory 2021) and Jordynne Grace (Slammiversary 2021) . The pre-order window will close after one month.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about this pre-order as of now. One, we haven’t even seen painted prototypes of these figures yet. Maybe that will change by tomorrow as unpainted sculpts were shown not long ago.

Second, how much will these cost and when will they ship. UPDATE: Each figure costs $45 and they’re expected to ship in May.

Third, when these were first announced, I believe they were under the Chella banner. Chella is now Epic Toys under new ownership.

There’s a lot to be excited about with these, but still a lot of questions I’d like answered before plunking down some dollars.

Follow this link on Friday to see if there is any new info (and to pull the trigger and order, if you’re so inclined).


  1. I hope TNA Originals and TNA Knockouts make a comeback in the Impact Wrestling action figures one day.

    TNA Originals and TNA Knockouts like-

    Madison Rayne
    D’ Angelo “The Pope” Dinero
    Samoa Joe
    Jeff Jarrett (Founder of TNA)
    Matt Morgan
    Jeff Hardy
    Christian Cage
    Matt Hardy
    Chris “Wildcat” Harris
    Eli Skipper
    Orlando Jordan
    Angelina Love
    Shark Boy
    Eric “Showtime” Young
    Velvet Sky
    Chris Sabin
    Alex Shelley
    Kurt Angle
    Petey Williams
    Harris Brothers (Don and Ron Harris)
    Mr. Anderson
    Jay Lethal
    Scott Steiner
    Sonjay Dutt
    Kevin Nash
    Ron “The Truth” Killings

    Hardcore Originals-
    Mick Foley
    Brother Ray
    Rob Van Dam
    Brother DeVon
    Stevie Richards

    Never Before Made or Released TNA Action Figures- (Need to be made and released, and they’re long overdue)
    SoCal Val
    Alissa Flash
    Consequences Creed
    B.G. James
    Scott Hall
    James Storm
    Raka Khan
    Super Eric
    Curry Man
    Kip James
    Jimmy Rave
    AJ Styles
    Lance Rock
    Raisha Saeed
    Booker T
    Cody Deaner
    Awesome Kong
    Sojourner Bolt
    Harris Brothers (Don And Ron Harris)
    Syxx Pac
    Robert Roode
    Jesse Neal
    Desmond Wolfe
    Sally Boy
    Vince Russo
    Jeremy Borash
    Jim Cornette
    Reby Sky
    Christopher Daniels
    Black Reign
    Judas Masias
    Rockstar Spud
    Kid Kash
    Brother Nero
    Rudy Charles
    Karen Angle
    Shane Sewell

    TNA Legends-
    Hector Guerrero
    Ric Flair
    Eric Bischoff
    Terry Taylor
    Brooke Hogan
    Al Snow
    Shannon Moore
    Earl Heber
    Ken Shamrock
    Jerry Lynn
    Father James Mitchell
    Jimmy Havoc
    Gail Kim
    Bobby Lashley
    Garrett Bischoff
    Hulk Hogan
    Brooke Tessmaucher
    Jackie Moore
    Dustin Rhodes

    British Invasion-
    Doug Williams
    Rob Terry
    Brutus Magnus


  2. 1.) The $45 asking prices are absolutely absurd.
    2.) Let’s not forget this is the original company who vanished with countless orders that are STILL unfilled.
    3.) We haven’t seen even basic sample prototypes/molds! The lame generic pics don’t count for squat.
    4.) I don’t care who has supposedly taken over operations or what the company tried to “rebrand” as, you’re nuts to trust these shysters again.


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