Lucha Libre

Vampiro in Wrestling Society X Gear Headlines Legends of Lucha Libre’s Next Premium Figure Wave

In case you missed it — and I totally did — Vampiro is getting a Legends of Lucha Libre deluxe figure in his Wrestling Society X era gear/makeup. For those who don’t remember WSX, the wrestling show aired on MTV networks in 2007.

This drawing shows what to expect from the Vampiro figure, including a WCW era face painted head along with the WSX head.

The figure was first announced in July, but I didn’t catch that it was coming until this week’s Adventures in Collecting interview with Boss Fight Studio’s Erik Arana. Other premium figures on the way include Taya Valkyrie, Tinieblas Jr. and the Laredo Kid. Also of note, Boss Fight will announce new figures during WrestleCon over WrestleMania weekend.

Listen to the interview for more details, including a more basic-style line of MLW figures called Fusion. Arana doesn’t name names, but he teases quite a bit that we’ll possibly see ‘Mania weekend.


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