What’s the Next Mattel WWE Crowdfund? Let’s Speculate

Let the speculation begin on the next WWE Mattel Creations crowdfunded project. Mattel WWE marketing director Steve Ozer said the reveal is “imminent” so we should know for certain within the month and possibly sooner. What we do know is that the project is expected to cost more than the $250 WWE Ultimate Edition New Generation project from 2021.

So what could the project be? Could we have already seen hints? Possibly. It’s entirely possible Mattel has used recent displays to gauge interest.

The top candidate is likely the Attitude Era Raw is War stage.

We’ve already received an Ultimate Edition Attitude Era Raw is War ring. Why not complete the set with a stage? One that we’ve already seen. One that smokes (watch the video below). This feels like the odds on favorite. It’s nostalgia at its finest. None of the modern stages come with the same fan affinity. Or maybe we need something from where the big boys play.

Could we get the WCW Monday Nitro stage we saw during Comic-Con?

A WCW Monday Nitro stage would easily top that $250 mark and scratch that nostalgic itch. Could Mattel throw us a curve and celebrate the legacy of WCW? I’d love it. I’d buy it on Day One. But given that the winner of the Monday Night Wars gets to rewrite history, I’m not sure the licensor would allow it to go next. Plus, we’d need a ring and I don’t think Mattel is keen on making a ring part of the next crowdfund. Still, Mattel showing off the Nitro entrance at Comic-Con also was a test to gauge interest.

If those are the top two contenders, then maybe there’s a wildcard. One that’s also super popular among the nostalgic set. Could we get the iconic SmackDown fist stage?

This video by Wrestling Maniacs Only shows us what a deluxe (or Ultimate) SmackDown arena could look like and spoiler, it’s dope. There has never been a more toyetic stage than the the SmackDown fist stage. Although this stage is one of the most visually appealing ever, it also suffers from us not having the ring to go with it.

So, if the lack of rings is an issue, what if the next crowdfund isn’t a stage? Could it be something else? Could it possibly be an Ultimate Hell in a Cell? Throw in some King of the Ring ring skirts and you could easily convert the Raw is War ring and have something to toss your Mick Foley figures off and break him in half.

If not Hell in a Cell, what about an Ultimate Elimination Chamber?

Mattel has yet to give us scale versions of either of WWEs major gimmick matches. Both are options but don’t seem likely as the next project. Nostalgia is a drug that keeps us coming back and pining for those long gone eras. There was no hotter period than the Attitude Era. It’s logical that they gave us the ring to prime us for what’s to come … like a matching stage.

What’s your guess on the next crowdfunded project?


  1. Please do WCW Thunder, the original ECW from 1992-2001, WCW Monday (1995-1999 classic set and 1999-2000) Nitro, Smackdown from 1999-2000 with the oval tron and stage set, and ECW from 2005-2010. The Golden Age and New Generation Eras with them. Please!


  2. Now surely, any Raw is War stage would come with the accessories to properly convert any Ultimate ring to fit the era and the Kane figure. As was stated by Mattel officials, no customer who plopped down $250 for the New Gen crowdfund would be pressured to turn around and purchase an entirely new Ultimate ring for specific amenities.

    I’m an honest man, and I would hope that my years of support (many could be considered ill-advised financially) would not be betrayed because the dollar signs looked too darn good.


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