AEW Revolution 2023 Reveals: Danhausen, LJN CM Punk, Brodie King, Supreme Lucha Bros, The Butcher, The Blade & More

Danhausen, CM Punk LJN and Brody King (photo via Danhausen)

Upcoming AEW Jazwares figures were shown off during a Twitch stream today as part of Revolution 2023 weekend.

Among the news coming out of the stream — hosted by Evil Uno, Danhausen, Mark Sterling and Brody King — is that the CM Punk LJN wrestling figure will be part of Unmatched Series 7. The stream provided the first look at the figure.

Also, we received a first look at the painted prototypes of Danhausen and Brody King. On a bonus episode of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast for Hard subscribers, Sterling revealed that King will be the chase in the series with his ski mask head.

Series shown throughout the stream were:

  • AEW Supreme 3 Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix were unboxed;
  • AEW Unmatched 6 featuring Brodie Lee, Owen Hart, Ruby Soho, Santana, Ortiz and Malakai Box were unboxed;
  • AEW Unmatched 7 featuring Hook, Pac, Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero M, Thunder Rosa and LJN CM Punk were unboxed;
  • Grayscale models of AEW Unmatched 8 figures of suited Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews and Abadon were shown;
  • Grayscale models of The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny were shown;
  • Painted prototypes of Danhausen and Brody King were shown.

Danhausen shared photos of his painted prototype on social media.

So did Brody King.

It’s unclear where this photo of the Lucha Brothers AEW Supreme figures originated.

And here are some screenshots from the feed.

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