Pre-Order Alert: Heels & Faces 2 ft. Andre the Giant, Raven, Kevin Sullivan, Bruiser Brody, Nick Gage & King Kong Bundy

The rogues gallery of retros that is Zombie Sailor Toys’ (ZST) Heels and Faces Series 2 is back up for pre-order.

Wave 2 includes Raven, Andre the Giant, Bruiser Brody, Kevin Sullivan, King Kong Bundy and Nick Gage.

The pre-order window is open from now until Wednesday, February 22 at midnight CST or if the figures ell out first. The expected arrival date for the set is summer 2023.

Zombie Sailor Toys wrote that “The critical success of our Danhausen figure led to a big demand for series 2…so we re-opened PO’s starting NOW!”

Each figure is $40 (except for Raven, who is $45). This is the last chance to get the, per ZST. Follow this link to order.

1 comment

  1. My wishlist for Wrestling’s Face and Heel action figures:
    Dudley Boyz
    Owen Hart
    Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
    Chris Benoit
    1-2-3 Kid
    Bret “The Hitman” Hart
    Crash Holly
    Doink The Clown
    Hardcore Holly
    Chris Jericho
    The Oddities
    Blue World Order
    Harlem Heat
    Steiner Brothers
    Nasty Boys
    ECW Originals
    Al Snow
    Pegasus Kid
    Syxx/ Syxx Pac
    Blue Blazer
    D- Generation X
    The Kliq
    Brothers Of Destruction
    TNA Originals
    Paul Bearer
    ECW Vixens
    Rock N Sock Connection
    TNA Knockouts
    Captain Insano
    Full Blooded Italians
    Paul Heyman
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    The Brood
    Amish Roadkill
    Hardy Boyz
    New Jack


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