Super 7

Matt Cardona & Brian Myers Super 7 Ultimates Expected to Ship in Late November

The second wave of Super 7’s Ultimate Major Wrestling Figure Podcast figures (Matt Cardona and Brian Myers) are being 3D engineered at the factory and are expected to ship to the U.S. in early October and begin shipping to collectors in late November, the toy maker announced last week.

The figures were previously expected to ship in June. Now, Entertainment Earth has them listed as arriving in January 2024.

Meanwhile, Super 7 provided updates on its Ultimate Andre The Giant figures.

First, the Andre in yellow trunks, is now at Super 7’s warehouse and will begin shipping to customers “soon.” Some influencers already have these in hand and the reviews … not so great.

The other Andre in the works — the iconic black singled (think WrestleMania III) — departed the factory on January 16 and are slated to ship to customers in late February.

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