Pre-Order Alert: WWE Elite Legends 18 ft. Hulk Hogan, Paul E. Dangerously & the Samoan Swat Team/Headshrinkers

The Target exclusive WWE Elite 18 Legends set is now up for pre-order, featuring Hulk Hogan, Samu, Fatu and Paul E. Dangerously. Each figure retails for $22.99.

Follow the links to order.

Hulk Hogan



Paul E. Dangerously

Reminder, Samu and Fatu are the chase figures in the wave. Order extras, although you might not be able to score them on a blind order.


  1. This Long awaited LEGENDS ‘Hulk’ is Trash. The WCW 1st appr. “Bash at the Beach” version w/ pale skin, WtF !? Why wasn’t The New Refined ELITE 96 (Hot dog) “Hulkster” used for LEGENDS ??? Bob & the MATTEL #EliteSquad boy made double stupid move here. SMH.


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