Pre-Order Alert: Smoke Train Charles Wright Grapplers and Gimmicks Retro

The first Grapplers and Gimmicks retro-style action figure — “Smoke Train” Charles Wright — is now available for pre-order.

Charles Wright is, of course, better known as The Godfather and Papa Shango in WWE. His retro-style figure honoring his Attitude Era persona is available for $38.99 (free shipping in the U.S.) with an expected shipping date of Q3 2023.

Follow this link to order.

A few details from the listing:

“The First 800 Orders Of At Least One Smoke Train Will Have The Purchaser’s Name Listed On The Back Of The Package. (One Name Per Order. No Duplicate Names Per Customer Please)(Vulgar or Innuendo Names WILL BE OMITTED). In Addition, Each Individual ORDER of Two Or More Will Receive ONE Signed Print Of The Concept Art Along With Your Figures.”

Additional personalities slated for the Grapplers and Gimmicks line include Tony Norris (Ahmed Johnson), Savio Vega, Chris Chavis (Tatanka) and Diana Hart Smith, among others.

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