Thunder Rosa AEW Blood & Guts Now In Stock at Ringside

The AEW Blood and Guts Thunder Rosa action figure is back in stock at Ringside Collectibles. The figure retails for $39.99. Follow this link to order. Here are the details on the figure via Ringside:

“The figure includes accurate detailing on her iconic Day of the Dead facepaint and vivid green dragonscale ring gear, pads, and boots. Thunder Rosa comes with an alternate, non-bloody head, alternate hands, and a Mexican flag accessory, and is displayed in unique Blood & Guts collector’s packaging!”

Ringside shared the above photos from Realm of Toys.

1 comment

  1. So awesome!!!!!! I can’t wait for an AEW Blood and Guts playset to come out with an AEW steel cage playset! The Exploding Barbed Wires Deathmath one has to come out.


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