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Jeff Jarrett to Kick Off Zombie Sailor Toys’ 6-Inch Heels and Faces Figure Line in 2023

Zombie Sailor Toys dropped a bombshell today announcing that a 6-inch version of the Heels and Faces figure line will be coming in 2023 with Jeff Jarrett leading the way.

Jarrett and three other stars will make up the first wave of figures, who “are all top tier talent,” according to Zombie Sailor Toys.

“Expertly sculpted, plenty of accessories, multiple portraits, hands etc. this line will have it all!” the company said. “Thank you for your support, these will be available in the summer once all our PO’s are fulfilled.”

Jarrett alone represents a major addition for collectors after Mattel’s plans for an Ultimate Edition Double J were shelved last year. Compare Mattel’s version (below) to ZST’s render above.

No other details of the 6-inch line were shared. However, the first two sets of Heels and Faces retros may provide some clues to who may fill out the first lineup. Included in those lineups were: Dino Bravo, Matt Cardona, Brian Myers, Earl Hebner, Sabu, Andre The Giant, King Kong Bundy, Raven, Kevin Sullivan, Nick Gage, and Bruiser Brody.

Several names within that list along represent significant voids in collectors’ collections, although some companies have their own modern-scale versions on the way. Chella Toys is already in the process of producing a modern-scale Sabu figure. Mattel is still producing Andre figures (although so are several other companies). PowerTown’s Bruiser Brody is expected early this year. Super 7 continues creating Cardona and Myers figures.

Could we see Dino Bravo, King Kong Bundy, Raven, Kevin Sullivan or Nick Gage? Or someone else. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops. Very exciting news though to start the year.


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