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Dynamite Kid Chella Uncensored 7-Inch Figures Begins Shipping in the US

Pre-orders for Chella Toys’ first 7-inch figure — the Dynamite Kid — have finally begun shipping from Figure Collections in the U.S.

The figure went up for pre-order in June 2021, and more than a year and a half later, it’s finally reaching collectors.

Figure Collections is now offering the remaining stock and once it’s gone, it’s gone. The figure retails for $51.97 (get 10% off with code major) with free shipping in the U.S.

The figure is shipping now, so the wait is even shorter for those who held out. Follow this link to order.

Some will receive a chase variant with solid blue trunks and white leggings, which sounds like it may be at random.

The next 7-inch figure from what was Chella Toys (now being run by Wrestling Trader in the U.K. following a takeover of the company) will be ECW legend Sabu.

No word on if the line will continue beyond these two figures. Fingers crossed it will and we’ll see more 7-inch figures to fill out the holes in our collections.

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  1. ECW Originals And ECW Vixens series wishlist
    Tommy Dreamer
    Balls Mahoney
    New Jack
    Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike)
    Blue World Order (Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie And Nova)
    Big Dick Dudley
    Sign Guy Dudley
    Axel Rotton
    Chubby Dudley
    Snot Dudley
    Ian Rotton
    Dances With Dudley
    Chris Benoit
    Dudley Dudley
    Chris Jericho
    Nancy Benoit/ Woman
    Dean Malenko
    Kimona Wanalaya
    Eddie Guerrero
    Terry Funk
    Vic Grimes
    Dawn Marie
    Steve Corino
    Amish Roadkill
    Kid Kash
    Yoshihiro Tajiri
    Cactus Jack
    “Superstar” Steve Austin
    Rob Van Dam
    Lady Alexandra
    Tammy Sytch
    Jerry Lynn
    Simon Diamond
    Chris Candido
    Joey Styles
    Full Blooded Italians
    Paul Heyman
    Perry Saturn
    Rey Mysterio Jr
    Mikey Whipwreck
    Lance Storm
    Mike Awesome
    Al Snow
    Bill Alfonso
    Tracy Smothers
    Jasmine St. Claire
    Little Guido
    Johnny Swinger
    Beaulah McGillicutty
    Angelica/ Lita
    Nichole Bass
    The Prodigette


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