Pre-Order: WWE Elite 99 ft. Matt Riddle, Seth Rollins, Happy Corbin, Zelina Vega, Boogeyman & Brock Lesnar

The slow crawl to WWE Elite 100 is almost here. But first, WWE Elite 99 has gone up for pre-order pretty much at all of the usual suspects.

E99 features Matt Riddle, Zelina Vega, Boogeyman and Happy Corbin. Also in the set are Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. So rumors of Otis, Chad Gable, Cody Rhodes, etc. weren’t true.

We only have renders so far for Riddle, Vega, Boogeyman and Corbin. So we’re left to guess on which attire Rollins will be in, as well as Lesnar, although Brrrrrrrrooooooccccckkk only wears those black trunks these days or cowboy hats and flannels. And I doubt the latter is the choice given the upcoming Amazon 3-pack. Could it be a flashback? Guess we’ll have to wait to see.

Ringside Collectibles has the set of six listed for $174.99 with an early December ship date. The Boogeyman chase variant will cost you $39.99 because those worms ain’t free. The regular series figures run $29.99 because flying them over early ain’t cheap either.

Wrestling Collector Shop is also shipping them in December and priced at $25.99-$26.99, except for chase Boogey at $29.99. Get a whopping 25% off in the next 48 hours with code Novemberpreorder.

Entertainment Earth has a case of eight — 1x Corbin, 1x Rollins, 1x Vega, 1x Boogeyman, 2x Lesnar, 2x Riddle — running $190.99 with a February 2023 shipping date. Or you can get the individual figures for $23.99.

Big Bad Toy Store has everybody but Boogeyman. They go for $23.99 each with a January 2023 ship date.

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