WWE 135, Championship Showdown Images: Bron Breakker’s 1st Action Figure & More

WWE Basic 135

Lots of basic-style action figures are on the way via Series 135 and the Championship Showdown 2-packs. Those basic releases include the first WWE figures of Bron Breakker and Reggie.

WWE 135 features Breakker, Reggie, Brock Lesnar, Nikki ASH, and Damian Priest. The set is slated to ship from Ringside in October ($99.99). Individual figures of Breakker, Reggie and Nikki are on back order until November.

Championship Showdown 11

Championship Showdown 11 features the Usos ($29.99), Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch ($27.99), and Roman Reigns and John Cena ($26.99. The Usos are on back order until November, while the others are scheduled to ship in October from Ringside. The key here is the mens and womens championships have the custom side plates.

Mattel also teased the next wave of Championship Showdown figures, which includes Team RKBro, Big E and Bobby Lashley, and Charlotte and Alexa Bliss.

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