This Week in Wrestling Figures: Ultimates Goldberg, HBK & Macho Man In & Out of Stock; Hulk Hogan Cancelations; CM Punk & Hangman Walmart Exclusive Links

IN STORES: Macho Man Pops @ Target, Goldberg & HBK @ Amazon; Hulk Hogan Fan Takeover Cancelations

The Target exclusive nWo “Macho Man” Randy Savage Ultimate Edition figure has begun popping up in brick-and-mortar Target stores. The Target app isn’t helpful yet in tracking these down, but the DPCI number is 087-16-8105, according to All About Figures. So do your thing in store and at BrickSeek and PopFindr.

Pre-orders have yet to ship, but you gotta think that’s coming soon. You can still snag it online here.

In other Ultimate news, the Amazon exclusive Goldberg and Shawn Michaels figures continue to go in and out of stock. As of this writing, Goldberg is “temporarily out of stock,” while HBK can be had as soon as mid-August. So keep checking if you haven’t nailed these down yet.

Meanwhile, the news hasn’t been all good. Amazon has begun canceling pre-orders for the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Edition Fan Takeover exclusive “due to a lack of availability.”

Just brutal news for those who have been waiting a year for this figure.

ULTIMATE 16 RUMORS: New Generation Razor Ramon

As My Damn Toys points out in the video above, the rumored second figure in Ultimate Edition 16 is … hey, yo, Razor Ramon. Given the Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena is expected to ship this month — with Diesel, Doink and Macho Man figures from this era — the inclusion of the Bad Guy would make a ton of sense.

BOOKMARK THESE LINKS: Walmart Exclusive CM Punk & Hangman Adam Page

Although they’re not in stock yet, the links for the Walmart exclusive CM Punk and “Hangman” Adam Page action figures are now up on You can check for availability in your area too in case they begin hitting stores.

Bookmark these:

CM Punk

“Hangman” Adam Page.

Each figure retails for $19.87. Punk is going to be a hot one.

RINGSIDE TOP 10: Mega Powers Explode

Good news for multipack lovers. The Mega Powers Elite 2-pack is tops at Ringside this week.

Look, this set is so dope. If you haven’t snagged it, do yourself and get in on it ($54.99 and early December ship date). It’s just a matter of time before it goes on pre-order 2. So follow the link if you’re so inclined.

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