This Week in Wrestling Figures: Jazwares Staining Issues; AEW Supreme Reviews by Alex West; Extreme Sets’ Retro Arena & More

AEW STAINING ISSUES: New Young Bucks All Marked Up

If you’re like me, you were stoked to get the new Amazon exclusive Young Bucks. And for that matter, AEW Unmatched 4 CM Punk. If you’re also like me, you were super bummed once you took off their cloth accessories.

This is what my Bucks looked like without their shirts. Not great. As you can see, Jazwares packed these with plastic around the arms and it still wasn’t good enough. And this seems to be a pretty widespread issue. A lot of folks we’ve talked with have had issues with staining of the figures — see Metaldriver’s review below.

Punk’s issues have been pretty well chronicled as well, and I’m afraid they won’t get much better given that his Walmart exclusive figure is also shown packed wearing an AEW hoodie.

This is an issue that I hope Jazwares can get figured out because it’s not a new one. Mattel has had the same issue in the past, and Jazwares has as well dating back to at least Unrivaled 6 Jake Hager and his hoodie.

Packing cloth accessories, especially in black, separately from the figure should be the standard if you can’t get the dye out of the accessories. Let’s hope Jeremy Padawer and the team take note. And until then, collectors’ only resort other than not buying the figures is to go through Jazwares’ customer service department> Here’s the email address if you need it: or follow this link.


Ringside has begun shipping the first pre-orders of Jazwares’ new premium AEW line, Supreme, featuring who else than Cody Rhodes and Britt Baker. I’m really looking forward to this new line, Jazwares’ answer to Mattel’s WWE Ultimate Edition line.

Our buddy Alex West Collects was one of the first ones with these in hand and he breaks down the good — and there’s a lot of good with Cody — and the not-so-great — Britt Baker’s arms may be a pain to get off.

Give Alex’s videos a watch if you’ve been on the fence about these figures.

This cape is 100%


Zombie Sailor Toys offered a preview of the hand-sewn cape that will come with the Danhausen retro figure. This looks amazing, and I’m glad I pre-ordered this figure. There’s still a ways to go though to get this one as it still needs to be painted, get tats applied and shipped. But it’s looking worth the wait.


Anyone else hear a siren when then they see this? Or Joey Styles creaming OH MY GAWD? Extreme Sets’ latest wrestling diorama is the “Retro Arena,” and I have a feeling quite a few of these are going to sell to those of us buying that Raw 30th Anniversary 3-pack with the R-A-W letters.

The set isn’t up on the site yet, but keep checking here.

Chella is world building


Referee Mike Chioda is the latest Chella signing for its Bone Crush Act… I mean, wrestlers, line. Pretty cool that Chella is building out its wrestling universe.

That handshake, brother!

RINGSIDE TOP 10: Punk & the Mega Powers Dominate

The San Diego Comic-Con buying frenzy is pretty clear in Ringside Collectibles’ latest top 10. Topping the list: Ringside exclusive “First Dance” CM Punk, followed by another pair of exclusives, the Mega Powers 2-pack and the King of Harts Owen Hart release.

Bryan Danielson’s first AEW comes in at No. 4 and the AEW Supreme 2 set of Malakai Black and Kenny Omega round out the top 5. Check out the rest of the top 10 above.

IN STORES: Ultimate Edition 13 Hits Target

Full on nostalgia mode.

The WrestleMania 1 Hulk Hogan and Mr. T Ultimate Edition figures are now available from $32.99 each and shipping this week. Follow this link for the Hulkster and this one for Mr. T.

WWE Elite 95 is in-stock at Ringside.

AEW Unrivaled 10 is also (mostly) available at Ringside.

FINAL FINAL: The Tournament of Figs

Our friend Fig Foundation is running his Tournament of Figs in his Instagram stories. It’s down to the Elite 8, so go check him out and cast your vote.


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