WWE Survivor Series Elites Pre-Orders: Ultimate Warrior, Becky Lynch, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre, BAF Rick Rude (UPDATED)

The 2022 WWE Elite Survivor Series wave is up for pre-order, featuring Ultimate Warrior, AJ Styles, Becky Lynch and Drew McIntyre. The set builds the suited “Ravishing” Rick Rude, which comes with two heads — one for being on Raw with DX and one bearded for being on Nitro with the nWo.

The set retails for $113.99, with Warrior going for $29.99, AJ and Becky for $28.99 and Drew for $26.99.

Follow this link to order. Shipping date is late September.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude build-a-figure

Ultimate Warrior

Becky Lynch

Drew McIntyre

AJ Styles

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