This Week in Wrestling Figures: Ric Flair Major Bendies Figure, Chief Jay Elite Sells for $3,000, Elite 94 In Stock & More

Ric Flair Bendies Figure Available Now

Ric Flair is joining the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast’s Bendies line, with a limited-edition figure that is available now. The figure commemorates Flair’s “Last Match” and features the Nature Boy in the robe he will wear during the event on July 31 in Nashville. Is this Naitch’s real last match? This is pro wrestling. So probably not.

Anyway, this is a super limited figure. Only 1,000 were produced, with Flair signing 750 of ’em. That’s why the price tag is what it is at $199.99. The figure also comes with a trading card. It’s also the first ever Jim Crockett Promotions branded figure.

Follow this link to order.

A pair of Chief Jay Strongbow WWE Elite figures have sold for around $3,000 each on eBay. One of them, the top image in package, belonged to Brian Myers.

Did the buyer actually pay? I guess we’ll have to tune into the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast to find out.

There’s currently a listing for a loose Chief Jay — in Australia — with a buy it now price of $1,806.63, a bargain compared to the other two. Oddly, these keep popping up from Australia. C’mon, Australian Icon Nick Storm. Hook us up.

Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer shed some light on the upcoming Elite Greatest Hits series in his rolling Q&A on the forum.

As far as upgrading rubber accessories to soft goods, he said he’ll have to see samples to see if it was accomplished. However, he said there would be no added accessories that weren’t with the figures already. Ozer also clarified that the Jake “The Snake” Roberts figure in the wave (from Flashback 3) won’t include Shawn Michaels build-a-figure legs.

As for packaging, he said to expect modern Elite structure with added graphics to “differentiate them from the originals to keep those older figs special for MOC collectors.”

Ozer hit a variety of other topics. He:

  • called Headshrinker figures a major want of his;
  • noted that a Niki A.S.H. basic likely wouldn’t come with a cape accessory;
  • reiterated that Jeff Jarrett’s status is pretty much the same;
  • noted that Cody Rhodes figure reveals would be coming soon and all eras are on the table;
  • called WrestleMania Iron Man Match Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart Ultimate worthy;
  • confirmed that “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s panther shirt is off limits;
  • noted that WCW era Piper is just a matter of time;
  • said paying homage to the Rock N Wrestling cartoon is always on his mind;
  • said he’d like to see Diamond Studd, Vinnie Vegas, Terra Ryzing, Justin Hawk Bradshaw, Farooq Asaad and Mr America in the line;
  • said WrestleMania 18 Hollywood Hogan “has to be made;”
  • however, Hulk Machine is “a no go” at this time, but he’ll make it happen if things change;
  • said Mattel signing Legends to deals “is not possible at this time,” but not for a lack of trying;
  • said King of the Ring 1996 Shawn Michaels, which wasn’t chose as an Elite, would be used elsewhere later;
  • Mattel Creations is working on a New Generation Arena update.

The second series of Chella Toys’ Hasbro retro-style line Wrestling Megastars will go up for pre-order on July 4. The lineup includes King Haku, Tanga Loa, and bWo members Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards and Nova.

Haku fills in a major gap in Hasbro collectors’ collections.

In other Chella news, Mo from Men on a Mission is being added to the Wrestling Megastars line.

Super 7 Shows off 1987 Andre the Giant

Super 7 is doing the hard push on the black singlet (WrestleMania III) Andre the Giant action figure, available for pre-order now. Super 7’s Brian Flynn showed off a prototype of the figure this week in the video above, calling this “hands down the best black singlet Andre the Giant figure that’s ever been made.”

Pre-orders run through June 17. $55 price tag with an expected spring 2023 ship date. Order here.

Ringside Top 10: Baw Gawd, It’s AEW

This week’s Ringside Collectibles top 10 is of course dominated by the AEW figures following last week’s pre-orders. Topping the list is good ol’ JR and Tony Schiavone, followed by Andrade, Taz, and the Unrivaled 10 set.

Elite 88 Rey Mysterio and SummerSlam series Randy Orton are the only two WWE figures to crack the list.

Other AEW figures in the top 10 are Unrivaled 10’s Britt Baker and Miro, and AEW Unmatched 4 CM Punk.

Ringside Top 10

In Stores: Elite 94 Available Now From Ringside, Batista Shipping from Target

WWE Elite 94 is in-stock now at Ringside Collectibles. Carded images dropped earlier this week, followed by pre-orders shipping (still waiting), and the figures going in-stock.

The only figure on backorder in the set is the chase Bret “Hit Man” Hart (pink singlet, black tights). Click here to order.

WWE Ultimate Batista ($29.99) is shipping now from Target. Get it shipped directly to ya.

Ringside’s July 4 sale is up now.

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