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Sabu Chella Uncensored Pre-orders Live Now

Pre-orders are now live for Chella Toys’ 7-inch Uncensored Collection Sabu action figure. The ECW icon is listed at $49.97 with FREE shipping on Figure Collections in the U.S. Use code Major or figheel to get 10% off. I’ve found this to be the cheapest price in the U.S. by a couple of bucks. Sabu is expected to arrive in January 2023.

Sabu is also available in the U.S. via Asylum Toys ($39.99, plus $12 shipping and no apparent discount code).

In the U.K., Sabu is available from Chella Toys and Wrestling Trader.

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  1. Fuuuck that who the fuck are these loser brands? Some of the parts look like shotty OSFTM parts that’s fuckin wack. That is not a 50$ fig, he’ll no. They screwed Mr Brunk. He’d be better as an Ultimate or elite 2 pack w RVD, rob need to hook him up.


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