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Power Town Wrestling Figures to be In-Scale with WWE & AEW Figures; Slated to be in Collectors’ Hands by End of 2022

The Power Town line of wrestling action figures will be made. 

That’s the promise from Steve Rosenthal, the co-founder of the action figure line slated to be released later this year and the brainchild behind the 1980s Remco AWA wrestling figures. He’s heard the doubts that have arisen related to the line, but he assured WrestlingFigureNews.com that the line is “absolutely, positively is going to happen.”

“Under no circumstances will this product line not come to fruition and not be available,”  Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal stressed that his company, Relatively Worldwide, has put down deposits on shipping containers, shored up its manufacturing and supply chain partnerships. 

“We are so far into this and so far committed,” he said. “I put a substantial amount of money into this to make it happen and so have my partners.”

The Kickstarter for Power Town — which is expected to launch in early summer — is meant to drive awareness and Rosenthal expects to hit the goal “right up front, maybe in the first day or two.”

The first wave of Power Town figures — Kerry Von Erich, Magnum T.A., Ted DiBiase, Stan Hansen, Vern Gagne, and Lou Thesz — are expected to be in collectors’ hands by late November, just in time for Christmas. However, a lot depends on factories in China remaining open amid another COVID-19 variant, Rosenthal said. Nevertheless, his company has done everything to ensure the launch will go forward as planned., 

Rosenthal recently spoke with WrestlingFigureNews.com about the upcoming Power Town line. Here are some highlights of the conversation: 

Figures Will Be in 7-Inch Scale & Will be ‘Ultimates’

Power Town action figures will be 7-inch scale to fit in with the Mattel WWE and Jazwares AEW lines of figures and the figures will be “ultimates.”

“We’re going to have six different bodies in the initial iteration of the first six guys,” Rosenthal said. 

Rosenthal expects there to be between 25 and 31 points of articulation per figure. Each figure will be scaled to their particular height, so a 6-foot-3 Thesz will be taller than a 5-foot-11 Gagne and so on. The figures will also include extra hands and accessories and potentially extra heads.

As for price, the company is not revealing the price quite yet but Rosenthal said it will be “very competitive.” 

“We’re not going to put our product out of reach of the everyday collector,” he said. “We want everybody to have a shot at buying our product.”

Following the first Kickstarter, the Power Town line will be offered direct-to-consumer” with series two through four already in design development, Rosenthal added. 

As for who could be in Series 2, Rosenthal declined to share the featured talent but said it could be focused on tag teams. Figures will be sold as a set of six, in 2-packs and individually but will be limited-edition.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Diamond Dallas Page Under Exclusive Contracts

Rosenthal name-dropped several wrestling superstars of the past who he said are under “exclusive” contracts with Power Town, including Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, “Diamond” Dallas Page, the Koloffs, the Vachons, the Von Erichs, the Poffos, Hillbilly Jim, Tito Santana, Tony Atlas, Bruiser Brody, Medusa, Rockin’ Robin, Judy Martin, and Harley Race, who was recently signed. Also on the roster are announcers, valets and Japanese stars. 

“We’ve got a lot of the talent who came through the AWA back in the ’80s,” he said. “We have over 175 wrestlers signed to agreements right now, and there’s no sign that’s going to stop.”

The number of wrestlers signed could grow to upwards of 300, Rosenthal added. 

“Nobody is actively pursuing the last 60 years, the history, the real history of wrestling,” he said.

Rosenthal continued that “all of the talent that we have signed are under an exclusive deal with us” that extends beyond action figures to other merchandise such as “content media” and “graphic novels.”

“The reason that we’re doing exclusive contracts is not to tie these guys up from making money,” Rosenthal explained. “We have them under exclusive contracts because there’s so many more things that we are going to do in the wrestling arena other than just action figures. That’s the tip of the iceberg.”

Asked to clarify if Power Town’s agreements preclude the 175+ wrestlers from appearing in toy lines by Mattel, Jazwares or other toymakers, Rosenthal said “when it comes to exclusivity, we own their rights pretty much in perpetuity until such time that we stop marketing or making their product.” 

“Now, that doesn’t mean that they may have signed something, a non-exclusive contract right before [Power Town’s deals], which may have already been in production and if it comes out, and I’m not saying this is going to happen, I just want to be totally honest because I do not want to take a dollar away from these families. If it comes out, we probably would let it go. And then shut it down.”

There will also be many deep cuts in the Power Town line, including jobbers. Rosenthal said the company has signed 12 of the top jobbers who will be recognized as “the men who made the champions.”  

“We’ve done our homework. We’ve done our focus groups, we’ve talked to the collectors,” he said. “There’s a huge market out there for these guys.” 

All Figures Will Be a First of Some Sort

According to Rosenthal, Power Town will focus on “never been done” iterations of characters, such as the Hansen and DiBiase as a tag team or Magnum T.A. with his leather jacket. Meanwhile, Thesz  and Gagne are first-time-ever figures.  

“What we introduce into the marketplace will never have been done before,” he said.

As for signing the Poffo family, Rosenthal said the company will do Randy Savage as Randy Poffo, along with Lanny and Angelo Poffo.

Magnum T.A. is an Equity Owner in the Company

Rosenthal said Magnum T.A. is an equity owner of Power Town. Part of the plan is to do a program called “Wrestlers Helping Wrestlers” to help wrestlers in need who didn’t have pensions or 401Ks or insurance.

“We’re going to do whatever we can to help these guys out,” Rosenthal said.


  1. The figures look good…..and it makes sense that they are in scale with the WWE Mattel and Jazzwares AEW line…….HOWEVER, I would truly hope that this company would consider doing an AWA retro/Remco style line in the future. They were the first ever wrestling figure line made in the USA and many on chat boards agree….it would be like printing money to launch a line like that again. Can you imagine a Bruiser Brody Remco? It would sell like hotcakes. Even WWE is trying to do a Remco style line….although they are not exactly like the Remco original body types, and THAT is what we need. Seeing as how the people involved here were also involved in the original Remco line…..they would know how to do it right. Have you seen how much the original remco’s go for online these days? It should have been a no brainer.


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